April 07, 2005

Too many bills

A review of some of the bills that have been axed due to the time constraints of the election byThe Guardian, with an interesting admission that most of these bills where never supposed to pass anyway, but merely where there to set up New Labours election platform to be able to outflank the Conservatives on Law and Order even admitting that this is an abuse of Parliment. Bills that got axed:
  • charity law reform
  • tightening road safety measures
  • strengthening the consumer credit laws
  • ID cards bill (which is coming back next Parliment)
  • incitement to religious hatred law

However some bills got through including:
  • Serious and Organised Crime Agency
  • the gambling bill (in a reduced form with only one 'experimental' super casino in Blackpool)
So the Serious and Organised Crime Agency is going to be set up, and for the first time we are going to have a national police agency that is directly accountable (and therefore controlled by) the Home Secaritary.


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